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Watch the video to find out how kids and parents can bond on family game night by exploring the world of feelings in a fun, positive way!

About The Game

This unique, groundbreaking game helps kids explore the world of feelings in an enjoyable, interactive way. As they move along the gameboard by drawing cards, answering questions, and just acting silly, you'll gain insight into what they're really thinking and feeling. And they'll have way too much fun to realize that they're actually developing valuable life skills!

About Us

At Sensational Learners Inc., our passion is to bring the joys of learning through play to children of all ages and abilities. Our goal is to develop games and activities that allow kids to connect, engage, explore and enjoy in a natural, relaxed, fun environment!


The team at Sensational Learners has developed a one-of-a-kind game that not only identifies emotions, but also provides a way to talk about and work on coping and compensation skills for the feelings a child experiences. Play it... and you will laugh, learn and grow together.
Dr. Lucy Jane Miller
PhD, OTR; Founder and Clinical Director STAR Center;
Founder and Research Director, SPD Foundation
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The game can help teachers, therapists and parents get conversations started to develop social skills. Works best when it is played between an engaging adult and the child.
Temple Grandin
The My Feelings board game is a fun way for children with ASD to explore their own emotions and acquire a range of constructive ways of expressing feelings. The game is appealing to children in terms of the quality of graphics, as well as the structure, activities and pace.
Professor Tony Attwood
Author, Asperger’s Syndrome -
A Guide for Parents and Professionals

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As a person with autism, My Feelings has my highest recommendation as a "must have" in one's toolkit for increasing "Feelings Literacy" as well as deepening meaningful relationships with others for children both on and off the autism spectrum.

Stephen Shore, Ed.D.
Internationally renowned educator, author, consultant, and presenter
Person on the autism spectrum.
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Learning through PLAY is the VERY BEST WAY!

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Looking for an exciting way to spend endless hours of quality time with your kids? The groundbreaking My Feelings™ challenges children ages 4 and up to explore seven common feelings in fun, active and sometimes hilarious ways. Entertaining characters and unique gameplay set the stage for connecting with their feelings and those of others, while having too much fun to realize how much they're learning along the way!

The card deck offers 280 situations for kids to respond to by choosing an answer or making up their own... so every game offers a whole new opportunity for communication, laughter, and just plain fun!

• Approved by kids
• Endorsed by leading psychologists and therapists

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