Sensational Learners

At Sensational Learners Inc., our passion is to bring the joys of learning through play to children of all ages and abilities.

Our goal is to develop games and activities that are so chock-full of fun that kids won't even notice they're learning valuable life skills as they play!

Our products are specially designed to help parents, teachers and therapists provide kids with the skills and strategies they'll need to live meaningful lives; to be active participants in their communities; to discover the value of friendships and relationships; and to achieve confidence and the success that accompanies it.

The way to get there is in a natural, fun environment in which kids are free to connect, engage, explore and enjoy!

We are a Canadian company based in Toronto. Our president and CEO is Claudia Faierman-Shulman, a kid at heart who truly loves to play for a living. We have a dedicated team of development and marketing professionals with well over 100 years of combined experience in the toy and game industry. And we are guided every step of the way by the expertise and advice of clinicians accomplished in the field of autism and sensory integration. This incredible team has given it their all to produce My Feelings, a game which provides a unique fun and educational experience for the whole family!

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