Children need happy parents!

Children need happy parents! Especially kids with major needs, like those who are not well understood, or are labeled with challenging behaviours (anxiety and other complex conditions).

One question that may come up is, "How can parents be happy when dealing with a child who presents challenging behaviours?"

Well, it is possible when you stop and think, and try to put yourself in your child's shoes. Try to problem solve by asking yourself questions like, "Why is he so upset?" "What was the trigger?" "How can I show her that I care and that I'm here for her?" "How can I tell him that I love him, no matter what?"

If we can learn to problem solve effectively, the feeling of confidence will fill our hearts with pride and joy! Then the magic moments will begin to emerge. One smile will bring another smile, laughter will become contagious, and all of a sudden we will feel truly happy!

I remember an amazing book written by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Dr. Serena Wieder called Engaging Autism. In one of the chapters Dr. Greenspan wrote, "You can not give what you don't have" ...and it's so true! How can you make someone else happy, especially your own child, if you are not happy yourself? How can you expect to brighten up your child's world when your own world feels dark and gloomy?

Well, what if you decide to be happy by viewing your world through optimistic lenses? By using knowledge and strategies to empower yourself? By convincing yourself that anything is possible, and there is nothing you can't do? By dreaming of seeing your child succeeding, expressing himself appropriately, and enjoying a meaningful life?

Those kinds of positive thoughts can improve our confidence and let us trust in our own abilities as parents. And that can go a long way toward helping ourselves and our children achieve true happiness!

My father once told me that happiness is not the absence of problems, but having the ability to deal with them. He was a very wise man.

I created the My Feelings game with the goal of connecting parents and their children through fun and meaningful times. I hope it will bring lots of joy into your home and help to empower you and your kids with tons of strategies to problem solve and feel confident about yourselves!

Nothing compares with the satisfaction of feeling connected to your child, and the confidence of knowing that you are a good parent. And you don't need expert advice to know that. Just look at your child's face and enjoy seeing him smile. That's all you need to feel good about yourself!

I would love to hear your comments!
Claudia Shulman


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